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Catalog Number: BSP09
Band: Hands Of Goro
Title:Hands Of Goro
Website:Bandcamp Of Goro

The eight songs on Hands Of Goro thunder with elements of anthemic,
epic, traditional heavy metal with torrents of harmonized savagery
and brief ventures into the likes of punk, classic rock, and more.
The album was recorded and produced by HANDS OF GORO.
Released 2024 on the BSP Records label.
$25.00 USD

Bandcamp Of Goro

Catalog Number: BSP08
Band: Miscellaneous
Title:Turk St. Studios Covid Compilation

Compilation of bands who wrote & recorded music at
San Francisco's Turk St. Studios
during the 2020 COVID pandemic.
Click on image for list of bands.
Released 2020 on the Berrysausage label.
$10.00 USD

Catalog Number: BSP07
Band: Hands Of Goro
Title:Hands Of Goro
Debut album

Featuring members from Slough Feg & Angel Witch!
Their Third Wave of British Heavy Metal (TWOBHM) sound
features razor sharp guitars and a stabbing rhythm section
with lyrical content about the infamous half-man half-dragon, Goro .
Released 2018 on the Berrysausage label.
$10.00 USD


Catalog Number: BSP06
Band: Lord Weird Slough Feg
Title:New Organon
Format:7" Vinyl

Go out of your head with this 2018 release.
one new song, one cover song.
7" black vinyl, 45 RPM, full color sleeve, Berrysonic stereo production.

Released 2018 Berrysausage Productions (USA)
$8.00 USD

Tiger Machine

Catalog Number: BSP04
Band: Tiger Machine
Robo-Electro-Moog based synth music

Surf Motel

Catalog Number: BSP03
Band: Hiwatters
Title:Surf Motel
An instant classic!
16 songs of total surf music,
given the full studio treatment.
Released 2014 on Berrysausage Productions.
recorded in hi-fidelity stereo.
$10.00 USD


Catalog Number: BSP02
Band: Hiwatters
The debut studio CD from San Francisco's premier Surf band.
10 tracks plus a storming live version of 'Mr. Rebel"
A solid mix of what they do live,
recorded in hi-fidelity stereo.
$10.00 USD

Catalog Number: BSP01
Band: Lord Weird Slough Feg
Title: Laser Enforcer
Format: 7" Vinyl
Release date: 5-July-2013
Primary Objective: total space domination
Target Description: 7" black vinyl, 45 RPM, full color sleeve
Artwork by Peter Elson
Released 2013 BSP (USA)
$7.00 USD


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